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Be Defenceless to be Strong

Crave pressure to level up, avoid defensive friction - diamonds are born in a star blast pressure
If you are in a political corporation - your authority is everything. If you are in Dagestan - your authority is everything. Political power is everything where markets fail. If you do not defend yourself there - you will be wiped out fast. Your power decide who you are. Put power ego first, clients last.
If you are in a startup - your authority is nothing. Traction is everything.
The pace to make is everything. Pace to hit product-market-timing fit is everything.
Startups are spearheading star blast pressure of competitive markets. Early adopters decide who you are. Put clients first, ego last.
Embrace the hard reality - you must be 10x better, than 10x better, 10x, 10x.. no limits. Never defend yourself, ego or comfort. Seek direct feedback and get out of .

If one calls this women a slut would she care? Why she is smiling? Whatever people say or masturbate on her, she does not care as her rights will not be violated. Is she strong because she does not afraid to be vulnerable?
She could be raped or stoned in some countries because she “provoked” the “powerful ancient instinct”.
Is Dagestan weak because everybody are to defend themselves there?

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