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Goal of life - share in Nasdaq index

The proof that your life made an impact - your stake in Nasdaq index. Get stock options.
Valentin Preobrazhenskiy

1. Life will use all energy and matter to build home for life.

Life is program which use energy to selfreplicate.
Life DNA and culture, a layer 3 and above protocol on top of layer 2 - proteins and assets which are on top of layer 1 - energy and money. It is like DeFi layer 2 on top of blockchain layer 1.

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Life will not stop untill all energy and matter is used to build home for life. Why?
Because it evolves in competition with other forms of life for energy sources (share in food niches or market). Eg. use energy better to get more energy under management or loose in competition and die. Natural and economic selection is strongly biased to DNA (in the past) and cultures (today), ML (tomorrow) maximizing efficiency of energy use to sustain itself in the future.

2. Future energy under management = future earnings or global cap

Modern macro organism on earth is maximizing future energy under management via price transmission through markets:
Investors move money today to assets which will earn more money tomorrow. Money is a store and mean of exchange of manageable calories used in muscules, brains, computing power and engines.
Change on stocks market prices changes prices on product, labour, education and even dating markets .
Thus people make decisions today which help investors to earn more money tomorrow.
4. You are a part of the organism. Do not be agent - cancer. Be the principal - maximize viability of life on earth as measured by Nasdaq index.
Our mission is to help everybody to become stakeholders of the future. The more people are stakeholders of the future, the better it will be.
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Price transmission is layer 4 which works on top of layer 3 human rights: protected rights for life, property and trade.

PS. Yes, love is well explained by neuroeconomics. Go for a date if it helps to increase Nasdaq index.

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