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Make Stakeholders

Give people an equal opportunity to become stakeholders of the future. Or they might use new technologies to destroy it.
Valentin Preobrazhenskiy
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If people are stakeholders of the future, they are aligned to make it better.

If they are not the stakeholders, they might prefer to destroy it.
Natural and economic selection are the tough evolutionary force. The force imply a conflict to determine which of the few innovations will be spread, and which of the cultures and even countries will fade away. Would this conflict turn into a doomsday if a deadly technology becomes widely available?
Humankind needs everybody to be stakeholders of the better future to ensure technology is not used against itself. If one is not the winner, he is still stakeholder. If one is not a stakeholder by a mistake, there are should be plenty of people around who have an opportunity and thus motivated to take care about this person. If it is a dictator who have a better chance to save his chair and life with the help of terrorism, there should be stakeholders around who want to change her mind. If it is an angry Joker there should be stakeholders around to help her to ease the conflict and give an opportunity.

No one can stop the spread of technology for a long time, however one can cut equal opportunity and the future. Blockchain can not be stopped.

There are looters and those who want to protect the human rights of the looters, while keeping them accountable for violations of the human rights.

Do looters feel unequal opportunity and their rights violated to have excuse to steal property? What if they have a mass distraction weapon at their hand? That is a pretty hard complexity we should learn to manage together.

Equal opportunity to pass the great filter.

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