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Protect human rights

Blockchain enforces property rights where political force fails
Valentin Preobrazhenskiy

Human Rights are:

Free Trade

Nobel Prize 1993, Douglas North
Enforce human rights or people will kill competitors and seize their property instead of making better products and lowering prices.

Political machines costs quarter of the global economy

Political machines are system of powers defining who shape and enforce the rules for nations. Their design may vary from civil war, stationary bandit, kleptocracy or to democracy. Most of the democracies are likely to protect the human rights enabling free markets and result in output per capita higher by magnitude. Most of the democracies evolved to have 4 mechanisms:
Political competition
Are there political competitors fighting for a median vote?
Can a populist win election by offering property redistribution?
Can politicians kill one another?
2. Independent media
Can incumbent politician ask media to hide investigations done by his political competitors?
3. Independent courts
Can a politician ask courts to help him to seize property from less loyal to more loyal?
4. Independent central bank
Can a politician ask central bank to print money to buy votes or guns?
Can a politician or banker bribe or to avoid capital adequacy requirement or investigation of washing bribes?

Blockchain enforces property rights without the political machines and thus unlock free markets across the world to produce a quadrillion value.

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