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The Listings Sales Unit at LATOKEN crypto exchange focuses on selling listings for new tokens before they are available elsewhere, and upselling growth activities like airdrops and trading competitions to attract and retain traders.
As a Sales Operations Manager, you will be responsible for hiring and promoting a disciplined, hardworking culture through a "sport culture" approach, leveraging up or out strategies. The other key responsibilities will include monitoring and controlling sales performance using a dashboard that highlights revenue or number of traders acquired per manager, alongside supporting metrics such as conversion rates, client acquisition costs, response times, overdue tasks, and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).
You will oversee the quality assurance of communications and ensure that team leads conduct effective training sessions, equipped with well-prepared onboarding manuals that include scripts, tests, and role-playing exercises. Additionally, you will ensure that all systems function correctly and collaborate with Operations Developers to maintain transparency in workflows and problem-solving, while also safeguarding lead and client data from leaks.
The ideal candidate for this position should have experience in CRM and sales operations, with the ability to enforce discipline among sales teams to adhere to processes. You should prioritize maximizing sales revenue while minimizing bureaucratic hurdles, which should be continuously simplified through automation to keep the sales team focused on building trust with clients.
As a Sales Manager for Exchange Listings at Latoken, you are the investment banker of the new era, driving the democratization of capital markets through the "IPO" of pioneering assets. Your primary role involves building strong relationships with clients, understanding their needs, and demonstrating how listing with Latoken can alleviate their challenges related to token adoption and growth.
Your responsibilities begin with intensive prospecting work, utilizing automation and advanced messaging sequences. You will be expected to quickly master these tools and techniques. Once you achieve excellence in generating hot leads, you will shift focus towards closing deals. As you become more familiar with the business models of tokens, marketing channels, and startup needs, you will develop into a trusted and insightful advisor, capable of immediately adding value to our clients.
Progression in this role includes the opportunity to hire, train, and supervise a team, ensuring discipline, commitment, and hard work, as you delegate the origination of hot leads to your subordinates. You will be prioretising revenue numbers while caring about sustainable processes improvement, and protecting the reputaion of Latoken.
The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in sales, proficiency in modern prospecting and sales management tools, and a solid understanding of the cryptocurrency landscape. Experience with token listings or advisory roles in the crypto sector is highly beneficial. This position is perfect for those who thrive in a fast-paced, wartime culture environment and are committed to transforming the financial landscape.
As a Growth Manager at our crypto exchange, you will be pivotal in selling and managing growth activities for startups, helping them acquire traders by utilizing their tokens as rewards for community marketing efforts.
In this role, you will manage a portfolio of tokens, building trust with token project executives and integrating recurring activities into their marketing strategies. Your focus will be on structuring tasks and designing activities that minimize client acquisition costs while ensuring our traders are introduced to promising tokens with strong teams, technology, and communities.
Your performance metrics will include the number of traders acquired, from which you will earn significant bonuses, as well as the number and scope of activities, budgets, and client acquisition costs. You will prepare reports to analyze successes and failures, guiding our focus towards the most potent tokens and continually refining our growth strategies for both the tokens and our traders.
As you demonstrate success in this role, you will have the opportunity to grow into a leadership position, hiring and training your own team of growth managers.
The ideal candidate will have a background in marketing, sales, or account management, with a strong understanding of current crypto trends. This role is suited for someone who thrives in a dynamic, wartime culture environment and is passionate about leveraging crypto innovations to drive growth and market expansion.

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