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The Shame of Ambition on Feet of Clay Culture

I was shocked by Dmitry's question yesterday…
.. and, instead of answering, started to mumble something else (the pattern I publicly penalise - we should answer questions we were asked).The question was “Can I join Liberta discussions”.
My answer was something “We tested LA airdrop and get hundreds of thousands registrations.”Later I was thinking, why I violated the rule to answer what was asked? Such mistake costed me position to lead utilities equity research of EMEA region at Goldman Sachs 13 years ago in London. I become just a 2nd candidate to this role after final interview. I realised that I felt 2 shocks when heard Dmitry:
A developer was interested to look outside of the code to learn about use case and clients. Just a day before I was asked publicly “why a developer should be distracted from coding with Sprint meetup?”
The Dmitry’s question was a shocking contrast to some the shitty patterns of our current culture:
“I am not in charge of clients and results, so it is someone fails, not me. I solve hard problems to grow skills and cv value to resell it in a year.”
“I do not use product I build. I do not want to see these failures.”
“Making my results and responsibility transparent with OKRs is a waste of time. We should sabotage with poorly defined metrics”.
“I am not in charge of hiring and growing teammates. I want lower the bar to feel comfort and have no successors who can replace me. So I can bargain comfort zone and CEO can not force me to use the product I build, make my results transparent, be accountable for results/critical hits, develop team and raise successors or read books.”
“I do not read condensed experience from top leaders in my profession. I prefer to feel smart myself, bargain and protect status quo.”
“I will prove that a task is undoable, and will help others to prove that their tasks are not doable, so we can help each other to protect comfort zone. That is how I find friends quickly.” Take a shitty example from today’s breakfast: “I done my research: We cant get a response from top tokens for co-marketing”

2. Second shock is that I feel ashamed to talk about Liberta while having the culture outlined above. So I started to mumble something to prove that I am not crazy with the Liberta project. I said “We tested LA airdrop and get hundreds of thousands registrations.”
Can we win the war of programs for computer memory, when we have failed programs in brains memory? If one can avoid responsibility by faking a proof that task is undoable. If her lie is covered by those who also want to lower the bar and bargain comfort zone. That are shitty programs doomed to fail longterm. However are strong, due to immediate benefits to the mediocre people. Do not tolerate lowering the bar and mediocre performance.The only reason why I am here is to put financial life at fingertips with the project like Liberta. To help people to use money to bring their ideas into life and be stakeholders of the future they build with their ideas.
Libra, TON, digital yuan and dollar made a billion people craving a stable currency unpegged from central banks. We can make it happen: available everywhere, and stable with a decentralised monetary policy targeting inflation. LIBERTA countdown c.60 Days.
Objective: Liberta people with stable unpegged currency at fingertips for every corner of internet.
Key Result: 1 m daily active users, spreading the greatest currency and products to fingertips.
Future value of the currency could be used to pay early adopters to make this future happen.

Impediments to overcome:
FIAT DEPOSIT attempt should grow to 50% from 1%. So we hook L airdroppers with actual daily use case. We have 800 attempts per day with 8 successes.
VIRALITY of B2B airdrops should hit >1. And Liberta page with well prepared
LACHAIN. Liberta should be transferrable in LACHAIN so people have trust to spur virality, we get nodes and blockchain users.
SCALABILITY. We should test and prepare product for 10 000 realtime active users with 10k orders sent to order book in a second.
CULTURE of accountability for result. Get rid of blurred mediocracy polishing her cv and comfort, embrace those who dare to have a vision and responsibility for that.
So, Dmitry I finally the answer to your question is: Yes, you can discuss over Growth standups and/or please set up the Liberta
with Alexander for weekly catch ups to assault impediments.Heavy checkmark if you have read it;)
Set up reminder to read it later on evening.

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