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The Code of Ethics

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The Shocking Rules

Culture is not what we feel in our hearts. Culture is not a set of principles. Culture is a set of actions. If we follow our Principles, we have the Culture. We act boldly to make our principles work.

One is able to build the product only if he/she is a user of what he/she is building

That is about our Clients first principle. Clients are first to build, non clients should be free from such burden. Find and hire clients only.

Missed the book “What You Do Is Who You Are” in 30 days - we missed you

Those who do not learn the culture of Coinbase and Ripple investors from the book What You Do Is Who You Are - can not stay with us as it violates the principles; Learn from Titans, Always Learn, Find a 10x better way to do things. Any newcomer has 30 days to read it and share their takeaways.

Newcomers are hired if beat world benchmarks over weekend hackathons

Otherwise it violates the principles:
Never waste time. Always Learn.
Excel to shift the highest world benchmarks. Find a 10x better way to do things.
Comfort is death - get out of comfort.
Align each task and second of your life with the clients success.
Magnet the people whose culture you want to pass in generations

Are they using their weekends to excel and find a 10x better way to solve problems? Or are they hanging out with those who are jealous of her growth and demand rituals protecting the comfort status quo? Do they have, or comfort or conflict type of relations with their friends and family? What is their social gravity - up or down?
Do they reflect on the week's experience or try to forget it and delete the brain connections holding the memories? Would you try to recover these connections over Monday and Tuesday?
Test their social gravity - is it about protection of their comfort zone or excelling to shift to the highest world benchmarks
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