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The Vision Summary

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What and why we do

Imagine entire financial life in one app. Anywhere in the world, anybody can open a profoundly greater account for payments, investing or fundraising. We erase borders and open the world full of opportunities illuminated by financial freedom.
Today, LATOKEN is a top exchange with the largest in the world primary market for blockchain startups' digital assets with 150+ Initial Exchange Offerings.
Modern Primary and secondary markets for equity and other assets manage the allocation of planetary resources: shape incentives, goals, values, and culture of billions of people to maximize capitalization (future profits) of the economy. The capital markets is a leapfrog in social evolution that resulted in a 50x boost of economic growth since the late 1800th from historical 0.06% to 3.5% pa. It is comparable to the emergence of a neural system communicating with cells via electric signals instead of slow chains of chemical reactions.
Venture Capital and startups are the spearhead of the capital markets and mankind's evolution. Fantastic ideas from books and movies once read in childhood are built into products and new life for people here.
A fantastic idea turns into greater reality after hundreds of hypothesis tests to find a team-product-market-timing fit. This requires investments and at least 100x productivity to US average people and 2000x to the performance of people from countries with less developed cultural and legal infrastructure. Such productivity is achievable via constant growth driven by: feedback loops, an inflow of great talent and culture (focusing on clients by solving the free-rider, asymmetry of information, attribution error problems).
The traditional way of fundraising via introductions of angels and VC fund managers was recently a better option for high-quality startups. So they did not go for IEOs. Coupled with a lack of regulation, this enforced the negative selection and a vicious circle: lack of investable startups - lack of qualified investors - lack of investable startups - lack of qualified investors. As a result of the infant stage of the market, we explicitly state in weekly emails mentioning listings, that we do not recommend for investments or give investment advice regarding startups listed on the platform. Startups are informed in order forms, that we do not market them to our users and that they should not expect successful fundraise just because they are listed. Initial Exchange Offering (crowdfunding/primary market) is given as a complementary feature for free to the secondary listing.
Coronavirus quarantines and shocks for economic activity cut high-quality startups from traditional VCs. VCs are de-risking and are dry of cash as can not call capital from Limited Partners.
Agile startups can rescue the economy with new products and ways of life in the era of the pandemic but they are cut from the capital and lay off teammates.
That is our opportunity to give them access to new types of VC investors: top managers and high net worth individuals - those who have both money and expertise about client pains and tech.
VCTV, mix of Netflix and Bloomberg for VC entrepreneurs and investors, solves the problem of online roadshows needed to connect non-blockchain startups with non-blockchain investors.
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