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Why to join LATOKEN?

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Why web3?

Co-own what you produce.
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Bitcoin is a better gold

Rolsnev Pletnev, ex-president of Bulgaria, LATOKEN BEF Davos 2019

“Next 10 years everything is gonna change and blockchain is the major driver for that”

US President Joe Biden’s SEC Chair Gary Gensler:

“Startups will beat the incumbents”

Blockchain is the next wave which outperforms any technology and industry in history

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Blockchain enforces property rights at a fraction of costs

No need for layers of private banks, custodians, central banks, and political systems to enforce property rights over money and assets. This means a decent cut in costs to open accounts worldwide and the dawn of new use cases (such as startups "IPOs").
Blockchain is the internet of value to level up blood and brain of mankind: money and trading.

There are way more people willing to manage money in digital currency wallets, than photos in social currency wallets. However, digital wallets are constrained by prohibitive transactions costs of legacy financial system with layers of banks, custodies and political systems needed to enforce property rights. That is a big constraint for mobile driven dawn of neobanks and retail brokers.
LATOKEN erased such costs with blockchain based next gen digital wallet available to billions at fraction of costs. Anybody will be able to manage his financial life in one app.
That is why we acquired over million clients and have 10 000+ mobile installs each day with multibillion adrresable market.

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