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Cut Cancer

Parasites are the main killers, not wars. Cut cancer fast, before it spreads through organism. Deadly cultural cancer is when freeriding is Nash stable. The startups are a better solution for the cultural cancer problem, the single reason for them to exist.
Valentin Preobrazhenskiy

1. Agent is a deadly cultural cancer - cut it before all organism is infected.

Cancer is a cell cheating on an organism when other cells fail to detect and stop it.
Wars are not the main people’s killer, parasites are. The same about organisations - they shade away due to the infectious cancer culture of agents free-riders. Agents use a lack of transparency to cheat on Principals. Agent try to infect teammates around to lower standards and cover fake work of each other.

2. Cancer Agents use asymmetry of information to freeride Principals.

An agent knows details of execution unknown to the principal and this assymetry of information may be used to freeride them. For example: Newly hired HR may blameshift lack of hires to negative attitude of candidates to crypto or to the company. The real reason could be zero attempts to contact candidates or poor quality of communication. If principals do not have capacity to check the number of contact attempts or check messages and calls records, than why not to freeride them?
So, again, teammates who work closely with him and know his actual workload have two options: ask him to leave the company or enjoy him as a bar lowerer so their weak performance now look relatively ok and they may cooperate to reinforce the excuses to lower the bar of a Nash stable strategy further.
This decision is a differentiator between an Agent and a Principal. Make the right choice, once the wrong one is done, it starts to self-enforce and shape the future for yourself and for humankind.
Dr. Ringelmann found out that with a rope pulling team size growth to 8 average effort declines 50%. An exception is only when team consists of professional sportsmen (as free-riders are wiped out fast in sports).
Screenshot 2021-07-25 at 18.05.46.png

3. Challenge freeriding to make a hardworking Nash stable strategy

That is how you ensure no one can benefit with an alternative strategy, thus champion strategy is Nash stable.
For example: A teammate uses the freeriding strategy in order to save some time and doesn’t make the task “grandma clear” in the SCRUM format “Who needs What for Why”. Saved time allows that teammate to do more tasks than other members of the team, so he may have a career advantage over teammates. Also teammates have less clarity about what he is doing so he may fake his work and do a side business to resell what his teammates produced.
If teammates ask him to make an effort to write an appropriate story and give him less score on 360, his benefit on time saving may be below loss in social currency. Thus, his strategy to save time on writing a proper story will have negative profit. Either he will go bankrupt or change her strategy to write a story in scrum format.
Small, yet powerful with the compound effect.

High Performance Culture = Agents can not collude against Principals to hide freeriding as:

1. performance is transparent with OKRs, 360 and

2. most of the team are Principals who report freeriding as

3. most of the teammates are motivated by stocks and

4. their goal of life is to change the world with a product

Now you know the underlying theory for our layer 1 cultural protocol:

I commit to:

Put clients first, ego last <= (4. their goal of life is to change the world with a product, 3. most of the teammates motivated by stocks)
Demand exceptional performance from myself and teammates like olympic sportsmen principal (2. most of the team are Principals who report freeriding)
Give candid feedback and eliminate talking behind the back (2. most of team are Principals who report freeriding)
Use any feedback to grow and never give up, never quit (imminent threat to existence drives evolution)

Do the above to have the right answer:

Did you detect cancer cells before too late for the organisation organism?

Why would teammates challenge a freerider to write a proper story and not to join him to freeride company instead?
Yes, because they are all principals living to change the world, proved by their stake in Nasdaq index.

Did you detect cancer cells before too late for organisation organism?

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