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First week: star-blast pressure to filter out mediocracy

Will they cover up mediocracy or challenge us to be better?
Trading industry after the bubble means a market full of conflicts, scandals, and pressure needed to give birth to the new era of the internet of value. Thus comfort with pressure is a must.
Thus, instead of giving a few light weeks to adopt, we use the first weeks to test:
i) if a person can leverage pressure to grow and hit targets and
ii) if they tend to be an adequate performer, free-rider or top performer.
If you are a hiring manager instructing a newcomer, you might notice that some newcomers agree and confirm that they understand everything you show. In fact, you may realise that they do not understand what you show to them.
Then you probably think: Is it an attempt to look better and to fake mental work? Or do they want to please you instead of asking to be more clear?
Both patterns are red flags of upcoming fake work and attempt to make friends by covering their fake work.
Unlike Netflix, LATOKEN would not prefer to fire, we would give brutal feedback to see if person changes or tries to defend himself with more fake statements and backtalk. (To prevent such defense we like Netflix fire for both backtalk and failure to report backtalk.)
Top performers, unlike adequate performers, point on poor or fake work and challenge teammates to fix it. An adequate performer would cover poor or fake work and expect them to be covered in return. They are the source of the Free Rider problem. Average people would decrease their effort by 44% in a team of 7 compared to a team of 1 in the rope pulling competition as Ringelmann and many other researchers confirmed. Professional sportsman would not decrease their effort even when the team is growing and transparency declining.
Learn why you must hire champions and detect if a newcomer is a mediocre faker at his early days>

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