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Scrum Rules

20 min read

Scrum master leverages ClickUp stories (Jira), Coda OKRs, stand-ups, sprints to help the team see the road to the mission, overcome impediments and move faster.

The master never wastes the team's time to educate it. They help from the first minute with the Scrum method.

Meet Jeff Sutherland, the author of Scrum:
“Planning for Vision and visibility of your progress is everything, plans are worthless”
Yes, he needed to see how his friend was shot by a missile to figure out scrum and avoid his fate. Imminent threat to existence is the most innovative force.
Btw thanks to this force we figured out how to make this page.
Learn now, before you get shot to educate others.

Scrum Master’s Rules

Scrum Masters plant the culture as Hiring Managers
Be a visionary achiever and lead us with Unit Mission, OKRs, Stories, Stand-ups, Sprints and Retro or Grooming.

Run Check-In/Stand Ups

Start and finish on time (15 min).
Everybody should tell:
What have I done yesterday?
What do I plan to do today?
What are impediments to overcome?

Ensure stand-up is an assault on impediments, not a formal, vague fuck off.
Ask to share screen and show ClickUp tasks in the Results ClickUp table to ensure that tasks are aligned with the OKRs.
Check if tasks are prioritised according to Backlog priorities.

Note: If it’s unclear what a teammate does - ask him!
If you see someone is not getting things done - tell it and ask to read and comply with the
or speak up at the breakfast or to supervisor and via 360 form.

Facilitate Sprints and Friday Retro or Grooming

Stories are . That makes tasks crystal clear.
Start on time. If zoom is busy with another team, ask them to move out.
Demo or Die Rule. Ask to show Demo: teammates must show a valuable outcome from sprint.
Ask teammates to report whether tasks are done or not. Fill in the completion number.
Ensure Sprint stories are prioritised according to the Backlog ranking.
Launch a new Sprint with a doable pile of well prioritised stories. Sprint completion below 80% is a fail.
Ensure mistakes or bugs are fixed ASAP by a person who created the bug.
Prevent attempts to shift responsibility or hide mistakes or cover each other instead of challenging yourself to grow.

Keep Coda Backlog priorities, OKRs and Click up updated

Ensure Backlog priorities are crystal clear, up to date and aligned with OKRs.
Description contains a Story Who/What/Why.
Screenshots with samples are attached.
Every teammate voted/followed up to 4 features.
Ensure Click up stories are:
Aligned and prioritized to hit priority features from Backlog Ranking priorities.
Aimed at Key Results.
Doable within sprint with a demo, and clear to a grandma: [Who] needs [What] because [Why].
Eliminate waste:
Fuck poor priorities.
Inventory of 99% finished and not working for business features - that is a crime.

Grow team (advanced)

Be hiring manager and raise the bar with every hire, remove those who lower the bar.
Ensure each newcomer has a buddy, is well onboarded with company wide quizzes, unit Manuals and tasks tests.
Run Saturday Hackathon.
The Principles and shocking rules must work.
Make weekly zoom with clients.
Evaluate 360 feedback and Do 1-1s.
Encourage CAN DO attitude, taking responsibility and reveal own mistakes. Acknowledge your mistakes.
Ensure your successor is appointed and trained, announce him on Friday (if applicable).

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