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The more people are stakeholders of the future - the better it will be.
Valentin Preobrazhenskiy
I still treasure the memories of my childhood. Sunny forest, I am 12, my brother 14 and my mom gathering some wildberries to eat it with bread. Was that the only food for that week? I was happy at the forest, but I was crying afterwards: Why my beloved parents, like many millions, lost their engineering jobs, and money in hyperinflation. Why they was tortured by their inability to buy food for me and my brother?
That was the reason why I started to study economics, get to NES to figure out the economic freedom concept. In particular, my parents and 140+ millions Russians did not have a vital economic freedom: protected property rights on their money.
My parents’ money were stripped by the central bank. The bank printed money to lend to friends. Many of them massively bought dollars and assets, grilling hyperinflation of nearly 1000%. They would-sell some assets in a year with c.1000% profit to return worthless rubles to the bank. They would do everything to keep his friend to reign the bank, so those who understands what is going on are too weak to push him out of the chair. The central banker was called the . Yes, that is not likely to be that black and white, yet hope you got the concept.

Due to lack of property rights people deliver 20x below their potential
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EF 2019 CHAPTER 4 CHARTS-2.png
If one has power which is not counterbalanced, the power will be predatory used to gain more power. If politician can gain power to devide society and arm her clients for wars to strip property - the war is immenent, civil or global.
If property rights are weak, predators will come. Property redistribution fuels power of predators, which once may destroy the planet. Planet needs protected property rights to survive. The more people are stakeholders of the future - the better it will be.
Property rights normally works when in place:
Political competition
Independent media
Independent courts
Independent central bank
This heavy political machine costs quarter of global product and works poorly in most of the countries.
Blockchain enforces property rights with consensus protocols instead of politics. It works worldwide for any internet user even if her lives in a civil war.

The planet needs a new financial system opening economic freedom to people and making them stakeholders of a better future.

The new financial system will be easy to access and use, as DeFi needs no intermediaries and political bureaucracies.
The new financial system gives:
accounts as easy to open as in a social network, worldwide
access to any assets transferable digitally
new asset classes, now easy to put to the market
exchange any asset
no custody risk
digital wallets to manage the above
The new financial system will make people aligned to build a better future as measured by Nasdaq index. Price signals from capital markets through layers of product, labor, education, and dating markets will navigate people to live lives with a greater impact and meaning.
Blockchain enforces property rights without an army and politics, thus better money and financial system were born.
LATOKEN crypto exchange leads the startup token market with 250+ primary placements, 1000+ secondary markets with 3+ million accounts.
“If you are offered a seat on a rocket ship, get on - don’t ask what seat" (c)
We were born to change the world with a greater technology and product. We will not stop until all matter and energy is used to build a better home for life.
Learn more from the most detailed culture deck on the planet:
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