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Win your inner war of the Past and the Future to save life in the universe

Past defeats the Future when you feel comfort. Comfort means Alex defeats Ben. Comfort is death of a hero once capable to transform planets. Surround yourself with people getting you out of comfort and making you growing.
If you colonize another planet - you just double the surface. If you have spread blockchain, it is like you colonised 10 planets. Because you magnified all people’s power by 10x as blockchain transfers value where political power fails.
@Ayman Sayed
showed us his weekend hackathon delivery - the message from president and billionaires to those who really change the planet. The message to empower the hero in our teammates. Each day, everybody has a tough inner battle between 2 characters. One is the glimpse of the future - visionary achiever Ben and another is the sofa army of past - comfort seeking mediocracy
Ben makes while getting done .
Ben raises the bar and attracts into team those who is stronger than himself to expand the glimpse of the future.
Alex raises shit - fake work, and friends helping to raise awareness that tasks are undoable and thus Alexes are not accountable.
Alex attracts even weaker Alexes to spread their shit together and protect their comfort zone instead of making extra efforts.
Alex wants team to get weaker to bargain his comfort and avoid being replaced by a Ben. While Alex waits Ben to create value to free ride some of it.
Alex tries to prove that Ben does not have the glimpse of the future, no future, no vision of it. Alex want to preserve his comfort past and blur the glimpse of the future.
Alex wants to avoid being replaced by a Ben. He does not want future to replace past.
Ben - you know from the president and billionaires that our market is the next internet of value, built on top of internet of information.
Ben - you know that we learned how to spread the technology and our app. This means we while been Alexes. This means part of our team has evolved into Ben and grow in power to really change the planet.
Ben: defeat your Alex now. You have little time to be a part of the opportunity. Become Ben to be one of us to change the planet and force Alexes to copy us and evolve.
It is not easy. Alexes around you tie you to be one of them with their social gravity of rituals and norms helping them to kill time till death in comfort zone.
You should defeat Alexes in yourself and Alexes around so they are forced to evolve into your Ben. That is the force of natural and economic selection. That is how the best part of you evolve through generation and live forever to spread life through entropy.
Comfort means Alex defeat Ben. It means Past defeat the Future.
Life and evolution is under threat. Surround yourself with people getting you out of comfort and making you growing. Get out of comfort NOW.

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