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Message from Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, the CEO of LATOKEN
Dear Aspiring Champion,
Welcome to LATOKEN. If your life's mission is to leverage technology to change the world, and if you thrive on stepping out of your comfort zone to push boundaries, then you're in the right place. LATOKEN could be the perfect place for you.
In this journey, I see myself as a sports trainer. My role is to encourage you to exert extra effort, to hit sequential targets that lead us towards our grand mission. In return for your hard work and dedication, you will be rewarded with an Olympic prize - stock options that you can cash out during an IPO or M&A.
At LATOKEN, we cultivate a sports culture and work together to build an inclusive future. Our aim is to make it easy for everyone to join the global brain of investors and become stakeholders of the future. We leverage WEB3 and AI to simplify the discovery of any assets, making it as straightforward as having a conversation with Chat GPT or receiving Amazon's advice on relevant goods. This approach will help people understand how the world works and choose a path to make an impact.
My journey into understanding the bigger picture began in my early childhood. I realized that my parents, despite being well-educated engineers, struggled to provide food for their children. This sparked my interest in economics, leading me to win regional Olympiads in the subject. A decade later, I launched the Global Education program, which has since provided over 770 scholarships for master's degrees abroad.
This is the root cause of why I founded LATOKEN.
Welcome to join and building the future together,
Valentin PS. Apply for a vacancy and punch through the interviews.

Valentin, before founding LATOKEN, was a serial entrepreneur, tech ecosystem builder and hedge fund manager.
He began his journey at Cambridge Energy Research Associates, where he worked as an energy strategy consultant. His interest in financial markets led him to hedge funds, where he managed a relative value strategy for energy equities. He rose to the position of Director at Marcuard Spectrum, a hedge fund with over $180 million in its portfolio (part of the Marcuard group with $3bn+ AUM). He founded Avega Capital hedge fund.
Driven by his passion for technology, Valentin transitioned into the tech startup ecosystem. He served as a Director at the Founder Institute, a leading global tech incubator with over $20B in alumni company value. He also launched three startups, one of which was a home equity loan platform that he successfully exited.
Valentin is a prolific tech ecosystem builder, having hosted over 700 meetups. He contributes to Web3 eductaion as a 20x keynote speaker, and with LATOKEN forums attended by .
Valentin educates professionals and entrepreneurs to build tech unicorns. In his publications he emphasises that the main reason for startups to exist is the higher transparency due to smaller size and higher stocks options which both help to solve the problem and develop . Otherwise startups should not exist as legacy giants has vast user base with less acquisition costs for new products, and higher pile of resourses.
Valentin shares his insights, which are a nexus of economics, game theory, and practical learnings from his startups and interactions with thousands of founders at his tech ecosystem meetups. He illustrates .
His mission is to empower people to bring their ideas to life and make them stakeholders of the future they build. He believes this is achievable if people have access to money and assets, protected property rights, and free markets. To achieve this mission, Valentin leverages blockchain technology, which enforces property rights without the need for political force, courts, or central banks.
Valentin's world model is based on several key principles:
The is its viability, which can be measured as the global economy capitalization (future output).
Capitalization is driven by the who optimize resource allocation by investing in prospective tech and cultures.
Economic selection, coupled with price signal transmission from capital markets to products, labor, education, and dating markets, optimizes people's goals, values, and future output.
Price transmission works if property rights are protected and markets are free to access.
The more people think about and have stakes in the future, the better it will be. Thus, trading should be widespread.
A successful startup is a rare mutation in culture and product that will spread and become the future.
Joining a startup with an ambition to change the world means joining an Olympic team - it requires forgetting about a normal life and culture of comfort and embracing exceptional effort.
Valentin also wants to clarify some common misconceptions:
Only 1 out of 10,000 startup attempts are successful and grow to become unicorns.
Start-uppers are either unemployable down-shifters or champions.
Traders are either uninformed gamblers or planetary managers.
The internet transfers information, while blockchain transfers value.
One of Valentin's main personal objectives is to build a culture and a team that can shift frontiers to build the future. He calls this the "Visionary Champions Culture", which is characterized by:
Putting clients first and ego last.
Demanding exceptional performance from oneself and teammates.
Removing bad apples and free riders to attract achievers.
Giving and receiving brutally candid feedback and eliminating talking behind backs.
Aligning one's life and daily tasks to achieve the mission.

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