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unabridged stories from our slack.
First week: star-blast pressure to filter out mediocracy
Will they cover up mediocracy or challenge us to be better?
Star Blast Pressure of Trading and Bubbles
Traders manage the planet. Trading makes people stakeholders of the future. That is not easy and painful for newbies traders. Thus there are unhappy traders and high load pressure. Are you comfortable to leverage high load pressure for creativity?
Navy Seals Selection
Find the weak heart and eliminate from ever becoming a Navy Seal
Stress is your friend
Fighting stress is like fighting a surgeon who is removing a knife from your stomach.
Focus on The Critical Hit
Get it really done or die · Valentin Preobrazhenskiy
Fire good ones for freedom
Only candid champions for freedom and responsibility. Fire B or A quit.
Report Free Riding
If one can benefit from fake work - all others will end up poorly. Report free riding immediately to make such strategy punished.
Run Through The Death Valley
Each calorie in a startup body is to test hypothesys toward product-market fit. Do not waste it on freeriders.
Be Defenceless to be Strong
Crave pressure to level up, avoid defensive friction - diamonds are born in a star blast pressure
Comfort is Suicide
Ben can not stop asking: Did you do all the best to evolve life?
Constructive Сonflict
If you disagree - tell directly.
The Shame of Ambition on Feet of Clay Culture
Get Shit Done or Raise The Bar Rule
Find solution, no room for excuses
Win your inner war of the Past and the Future to save life in the universe
Past defeats the Future when you feel comfort. Comfort means Alex defeats Ben. Comfort is death of a hero once capable to transform planets. Surround yourself with people getting you out of comfort and making you growing.
Economic Selection
Change now or you are wiped out tomorrow
Punish Agents to Reward Principals
Principals build stunning colleagues empowering your growth to build great things, successful clients and your stock option growing to real millions USD.
Long Hour Rule
Scrum Rules
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